Reputation Management SEO best practice

Reputation Management SEO is Dead, Reputation Marketing is Born!

Reputation Marketing

Ever shopped Online? Do you check seller reviews on Amazon and eBay before you buy?
Your customers do the same before they do business with you. Being specialist in Online Marketing we have found that how business are rated and reviewed is more improtant than just the marketing. Let face it if you spend £10,000 on a marketing campaign while you do not have a 5 star reputation you would probably be better of not marketing yourself at all.

With Reputation Marketing we take an active approach to getting your business a 5 star reputation and then leveraging it.

Your Business is only 1 customer away from having a bad reputation.
Your reputation is Dependand on the Service you provide and that is why we will also train your staff to be aware of that and create a healthy Reputation Marketing Culture within your Business. As soon as the service level seems to be good enough for a 5 star reputation we will work towards getting as many great reviews in and marketing them online.

Besised topping up your excelent reviews online your reputation will also be monitored, our system scan the internet at least twice a day for any new reviews about your business, That way if anyone leaves you a bad review you can respond to it asap showing your future customers that you care about the quality of service you provide. These are just the view things that make up reputation marketing.